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4 photography tips for parents with teenagers

Hi! Lisa here to give you 4 photography tips for parents with teenagers. I know that when your kids are a certain age the amount of snapshots of them can be drastically less. They get more self conscious and learn to be more private and I guess that is my first tip:

1. Respect that they say no.

I think that the more you nag or make a big deal over not being allowed to take photos, the more teenagers can shut down.
4 photography tips for parents with teenagers - Sahin Designs

2. Make negotiations

Of course you should respect them, but I do think that you also could talk to your teenagers and explain why photography is important to you. Explain that you totally understand their standpoint, but also ask them to understand yours. Perhaps you can get to an agreement that when you ask for a photo, they humor you for a quick snapshot and then you won’t nag them for a bit.

4 photography tips for parents with teenagers - Sahin Designs

3. Ask them to share

My daughter, who is 18 now, has grown up with me always taking photos of her. I guess she knows by now how important that is to me, she sends me a few photos every now and then when I ask. But then they are already approved, you could say, by her. She likes them and is ok for me to use them. I know not every parent follow their kids on social media, but if you can just do it! It is so much fun to see how they see the world! I also think it is special to see their friendships. I often borrow photos from my daughter’s Instagram account. I also ask her to take screenshots of her recent playlist on Spotify etc.

4 photography tips for parents with teenagers - Sahin Designs

4. It’s not all in the face

I guess if you are a memory keeper the point of having photos of your teenagers (and all ages really) is to tell a story, right? And I think the story is not all in snapshots of their faces. With that I mean there is so much story in the details of how life with a teenager is that you can make 10 layouts with not one photo of their face on them. Take a photo of their school bag, their make up, take a photo of their schedule, their sports gear. You could also take photos of the messes they leave or snap a photo from behind when they are playing their favorite game. Remember that it is not all in the face.

I hope that these tips are helpful for you!
4 photography tips for parents with teenagers - Sahin Designs

Lisa Borbely

Lisa is a hybrid scrapbooker who loves to knit, finding hearts in nature and dandelions.