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As the family memory keepers we are often the picture takers (or makers) and, all too often, not actually in any of the pictures. We are the narrators of our lives, but often forget to be part of the illustration. There are a number of ways I plan to accomplish this throughout the year and I am excited to be sharing some of those with you today.

1. Use your mirror

The classic self-portrait tool before the days of selfies even existed, i.e. the bathroom mirror. The advantage of the mirror over a “selfie” is the wider angle used with the back facing camera that allows for a wider perspective to be included in the photo.  It is also much more simple to control the angle of the photo to make it a little more flattering.

5 Tips to get yourself in the picture - Sahin Designs

2. Use your self-timer

Most cameras and cell phone cameras nowadays have a self-timer. You can use any number of items to prop your camera or phone up, set the self-timer, and then get into the shot. You can use a tripod, a tabletop tripod, or items you find in your environment like a stack of books, a shelf, or any other steady surface. I took this photo a few weeks ago using a self-timer  with the phone propped up on some thumbtacks on a cork board. You can actually see the setup in the window reflection.

5 Tips to get yourself in the picture - Sahin Designs

3.Use a remote trigger

There are Bluetooth enabled triggers for SLRs and even cell phone cameras. These can be surprisingly economical. The remote I used in this photo cost only $15 and actually attaches to my key ring so that I can carry it with me everywhere. What I appreciate about the remote is the spontaneity it allows to catch those candid moments.

5 Tips to get yourself in the picture - Sahin Designs

4.Get creative

It doesn’t always have to be a portrait. Get creative. Take photos of your feet, your hands, or your eyes in the rear view mirror. Take photos of your shadow as you walk with your littles. The possibilities to be creative with all these little details of you are endless.

5 Tips to get yourself in the picture - Sahin Designs

5.Ask for help

With so many people using their cell phone cameras nowadays, most people are more than willing to stop and take a photo of you if you just ask. Sometimes I find they are even thrilled that someone asked them and may even ask for the favor in return.

5 Tips to get yourself in the picture - Sahin Designs

I hope this helped you get some ideas. Now let’s see some layouts with those photo of you in them.

Once you have a chance to read the article I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic in the comments section below.

What are your struggles and wins when you try to include yourself in the picture?

5 Tips to get yourself in the picture - Sahin Designs

I am a crafty mama who loves scrapbooking, photography, quilting, cross stitch, bullet journaling, baking, and hanging out my hubby and little man. My blog: My Instagram:

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  1. One other thing I want to mention. Whenever you see someone pull out a cellphone to snap a photo of someone, or especially a group of people, and of course depending on the particular situation, it might be an appropriate time for a RAK. Offer to take the photo so everyone can be in the picture. From my experience, most often they will happily accept and thank you profusely.

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