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5 trends in scrapbooking right now

5 trends in scrapbooking right now - Sahin Designs

There are always trends in everything and they change or evolve over time. Not everyone is eager to follow trends, but perhaps we can be inspired by them without actually using them. I am going to talk about 5 trends I see in scrapbooking right now.


I have seen a shift into many different formats lately. The classic 12×12 page is still here ofcourse aswell as the 8.5×11, but there is a few new ones too. One of the biggest trends right now is traveler notebooks (TN). From the beginning I think that TN’s were used as travel journals where you could jot down memories and save memorabilia from your travels. But now many of us use them to scrapbook our layouts in. I for one have used only this format for my regular scrapbooking for 1.5 years now and I am loving the smaller format.

5 trends in scrapbooking right now - Sahin Designs

Another format is the 3×8″ pocket size. This is basically a half of a 6×8″ pocket page. There are several companies that have them, an example is Ali Edwards. You can also make your own by cutting a page protector in half. You can see that this would make a narrower binder and personally I would love to use this format for a fun project!

5 trends in scrapbooking right now - Sahin Designs


Another fun trend is the beautiful planner projects out there. You can see people making their own planners in a bullet journal style and also others that make store bought planners beautiful with stickers, stamps and other fun stuff. I have also seen many memory keepers that use bigger planners as their way to scrapbook


The trend of hybrid scrapbooking is huge right now. More and more companies have digital printables as an option for their products. As a hybrid scrapbooker myself, I am very happy about this trend.

Patterns and embellishments

Florals are really big right now. A lot of companies have florals in different ways on their products. Making clusters with flowers is something that many of us do. But the geometric shapes are also still very much on trend. As far as embellishments go I think that I see the classic label a lot right now. Using labels as a place for journaling or making clusters with them are both a fun trend. Another embellsihment are puffy stickers. Maybe it is a kind of 80s nostalgia?!

5 trends in scrapbooking right now - Sahin Designs

Hand drawn lettering is also a trendy and fun thing to use on your scrapbooking projects. I am just happy that there are so many talented lettering people out there sharing their products since I am not a good hand letterer!

5 trends in scrapbooking right now - Sahin Designs


As far as colors go I see a lot of white backgrounds still. But also the black and white combo is big, often with one accent color to go with.  Purple is making it´s way back I think and the metallic and foil trend is still alive.

5 trends in scrapbooking right now - Sahin Designs

Once you have a chance to read the article I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic in the comments section below.

What’s the single scrapbooking trend right now that you’re loving and why?

5 trends in scrapbooking right now - Sahin Designs

Lisa Borbely

Lisa is a hybrid scrapbooker who loves to knit, finding hearts in nature and dandelions.