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5 Ways to Get Past a Creative Slump

5 Ways to Get Past a Creative Slump - Scrapbooking Tips - Sahin Designs

The creative slump. I’ve been in mine since the beginning of the year and I am struggling to get past it. Everyone has one at some point and while its quite frustrating, it isn’t always a bad thing to have. Everyone needs a break and I find that I come back to the craft with a lot of inspiration and a clearer mind. Here are some easy tips to help overcome or cope with the dreaded creative slump.

Clean Up and Organize

I used to have an entire room where I kept my crafting items but after getting a roommate there are now 3 adults and 2 pets in a 900 sq. ft. apartment; there is no space and no privacy. One of the best ways I’ve found to get over this lack of creativity is to clean up. It sounds simple but it works. When our spaces are cluttered so are our minds and its difficult to even start. By going through your items and organizing everything, you might just find the inspiration you’re looking for.

Get Off Social Media

Even though looking at other inspiration on sites such as Pintrest or Instagram seems like a good idea, it can actually have the opposite effect. With all of the awesome inspiration out there it can be easy to get overwhelmed and suddenly have too many ideas in your head. I try to limit myself to one site or the other for 5-10 minutes a day just to see if anything sparks. If not, I try again the next day.

Go Do Another Creative Project

When one creative outlet isn’t working, try another. Because I have a huge love of beanies and scarves and no disposable income, I am teaching myself to crochet. Learning a new craft has been inspiring; I’m discovering new color combinations, thinking of textures and overall seeing things in a new way that is helping me take a second look at some of my memory keeping projects.

Don’t Stop Documenting

Just because you aren’t inspired to do anything, that doesn’t mean you should stop taking photos or documenting your daily life. Even when I’m in a slump, I continue to get my photos processed and printed off, and I also write down little details of my day in a notepad. This makes it really easy to not feel so “behind” when you do decide to start working on your projects.

Enjoy your break

Yep, you read that right. There are times where we have to step back and go do something else. Give yourself time to go do something that isn’t creative; go running, call a friend, cook, play sports, or my personal favorite, take a nap.

Hopefully you’ve taken something from the above tips or related to some of the frustration associated with it. Do you have any other tips I missed? I’d love to hear them!

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5 Ways to Get Past a Creative Slump - Scrapbooking Tips - Sahin Designs

Erica Webster

My name is Erica and I am from Seattle. I am an analyst by day and a creative by night.