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Hi there

Scrapbooking is a passion, and a way of living. It’s not only about creating beautiful pages but also about keeping memories alive for ages. And digital scrapbooking is the easiest and the most environmental way of making scrapbook. You don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes, you don’t waste paper, no glue on hand, unlimited design possibilities and unlimited design supplies.

I am Elif, the designer behind Şahin Designs. The simplicity of digital scrapooking and my passion for designing made me start a professional career in digital scrapbook industry. I love helping memory keepers document their life with high quality scrapbook products. I think scrapbookers should create their art easily, with joy and without overthinking. Therefore, when I start a design project brainstorming the theme, finding matching colors and considering print quality is my number one priority.

My team and I are dedicated to guide and inspire memory keepers like you. So, if you want to learn new skills and get inspired, check out my blog where you can find new scrapbooking articles almost every week. Can’t wait to connect with you there!


I love binge watching Japanese anime. When I’m not designing or scrapbooking, I love knitting, punch needling and flipping through a good book with hot black tea (with lemon) in my hand.

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