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Get in to the Club Before 2017!

Sahin Designs - Digital Scrapbook Library Memberships - The Nest

Sahin Designs - Digital Scrapbook Library Memberships - The Nest

2017 will hit in three days. My scrapbook store doubled its size just in one year. Today there are more than 400 digital scrapbook product packs ready to be downloaded in my store. If you heard my store memberships or if you are already a member of it you may know that the Nest members have access to all of my designs here at Sahin Designs. Every month two digital scrapbook collections are released containing at least 7-9 packs at total and again at least 5 designer resource kits are released in the Nest.

And having a digital store has some costs as you can imagine. Hosting and storage is the most important and costly part of maintaining this store. Therefore in such an ever growing website and club I have to adjust the prices of Nest memberships to accommodate the needs of storage and for the smooth running of the website as the site grows.

Consequently, in 2017 the Nest prices will go up slightly. And I want to let you know beforehand so that if you need to save some money you can stash memberships right away. All you need to do is to go to the membership page, add your desired membership to your cart, checkout and become a member of this lovely club where the Nest members have access to my digital scrapbook resource library!

I hope to have you in the club in the New Year and share with me the excitement of having access to invaluable scrapbook resources!

Elif Sahin

Hi there! I’m a graphic designer, memory keeper, and fond of simplicity. I love producing quality supplies that’ll make scrapbooking process easy and fun for you.