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Love Pocket Layout

Love Pocket Layout - Sahin Designs - Hybrid Scrapbook Inspration
Hi there! I am here again to share with you my second layout for the month of February. Despite Valentine’s day is already gone LOVE is still in the air so, I wanted to show a cute layout about those people I love the most, my family.
As usual, I will show how the layout turned out. Something like this:

Love Pocket Layout - Sahin Designs - Hybrid Scrapbook Inspration

And now, I would like to explain a bit of how the page came together. For this spread I wanted soft colours to express the tenderness of my sweet girls with their dad.

Love Pocket Layout - Sahin Designs - Hybrid Scrapbook Inspration

For the first photo, the one I basically knew I wanted to incorporate even without starting the page was the photo with the black and white filter. It always gives lots of character to a layout when the shot is expressing something. I was lucky enough to catch my older daughter hugging my second one while looking at the camera! This photo had already the title ‘black and white’. I used the quote from Sahin Designs and edited it so it appeared as handwriting by the photo… like the perfect postal photo with handwriting… very vintage type.

To follow this idea, I took some other handwriting elements from the Cupid collection to balance the spread and make it consistent with the ‘theme’ I already chose because of the first photo.Love Pocket Layout - Sahin Designs - Hybrid Scrapbook Inspration

The next card shows basically that and some extra touches to create the volume I always like on my layouts… Of course, sewing is a must for me to think through the page to finish it. Again, black and white on this card but introduction of colour as well with the thread as the next photo will not be in black and white so, it is a way to link the left photo (black and white) and right photo (colour) with and intermediate one that has both, black-white-colour. The spread starts to become ‘cohesive’.
The next 3×4 card just shows a sweet pastel pattern from the papers. I trimmed the bottom with photoshop so I could introduce another element. Again in pink and white to continue with the same idea of soft ‘transition’ from the black and white picture above to the coloured picture below.
Journaling on a white card with handwriting and a little cupid touch also helps with the balance of reducing the amount of colour right after each picture.
Next 3×4 card is a coloured picture but with a strong black accent that keeps the same idea of balancing colour-black-white-colour and the cicle starts again.
More journaling after the previous photo to spread evenly the photos and journaling over the full spread.

Love Pocket Layout - Sahin Designs - Hybrid Scrapbook Inspration

The bottom left picture is as sweet as the top one. Just emphasizing the colour again and balancing it with the black pattern from the papers again with handwriting touch of wood veneer. The word love always present as much as the amount of hearts to help the theme of the spread!
Last card is from the journal cards package from the collection with the same handwriting style the gorgeous collection has… finished up with a bit of stitching and a pink sequin… *sigh*
And that is basically how my layout ended up. Hope you enjoyed the reading!
Can’t wait to share more with you next time!

Love Pocket Layout - Sahin Designs - Hybrid Scrapbook Inspration