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Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs

Hello! As many of you do, I document Christmas season in a specific album. In my case, I document each day, but I don’t use to document each event happening this day, I prefer to choose one story a day. I’ve found that, this way, my albums are less charged and it’s also a way to maintain my own interest while documenting the season, as it is a challenge for me to look for “the story of the day” and try to document it with photographs and journaling. But sometimes, we’re short of ideas for these stories and the photos that would symbolize them, so in this post, I’ll list several themes for you, so you can document your December in a theme-based style. For sure, you can use these photograph ideas for documenting the season in any way you choose :-). And at the end of the post, I’ll provide you with a simple list of more photo ideas.

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
1. Family

Christmas is all about family, so this will be a must subject in your December documentation. I like to dedicate one day to each family member. Photo ideas for this prompt (and several journaling ones):

  • A portrait of the chosen person and journaling about his life just now, the important events or changes in his/her life this year, your thoughts about him/her.
  • The person doing something he loves related with Christmas (cooking Christmas cookies, wrapping gifts, watching Christmas film).
  • His/her day.
  • And finally, a family portrait. This is a must in all my Christmas albums. It’s a way to have at least one photo with all of us and also it’s a way to actually be in the frame, as been the person with the camera in my hand, sometimes when looking at my family albums, you can wonder if I were there…

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
2. You

When we scrapbook, we often forget ourselves in the frame (or even in the story). This is the reason why I’ve created a separated point called YOU even if (of course) we’re part of our family. Do not forget telling your story. Photo ideas for this prompt:

  • Selfies (alone or not).
  • Photograph your hands when doing something (working, cooking or crafting).
  • Use mirrors to photograph your reflection.

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
3. Christmas tree

This is a big day for children, so it merits one day in our documentation project. Photo ideas for this prompt:

  • Carrying the tree to your house or choosing it at the shop.
  • Decorating the tree.
  • Lights of the tree at night.

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
4. Decorating

Other big day of Christmas holidays. Photo ideas for this prompt:

  • Ornaments. Your favorite ornament. If they are handmade, document you crafting them.
  • Decorating home.
  • Outdoors decorations. It can be your home ones or those from shops and streets of your city.
  • Twinkle lights. You can photograph lights at your home or at an outdoor event.
  • Something green or something red. Those are the Christmas colors, green ornaments, trees, red Christmas flowers…
  • Glitters.

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
5. Embrace the mess

We love to show our precious home clean and perfect, but this is not always the real life (and if you have kids, definitively it is NOT your real life) so, why not to document it?

  • Mess when cooking, crafting, wrapping gifts or decorating home.
  • Sticky kid faces or hands when crafting, playing or eating Christmas cookies.
  • Mess when preparing your suitcases if you travel these days.
  • Mess when opening the Christmas gifts.

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
6. Preparing the season

There are many things we have to do to prepare these days, and many of them are really nice to document. Photo ideas for this prompt:

  • Shopping.
  • Wrap it up.
  • Season’s greetings. I love to craft Christmas cards and send them to my family and friends and I always keep one for us and keep it in our Christmas album.

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
7. Traditions

This is a season that gives cause for a ton of traditions, things you do every year. Choose yours, take your photo and write about what you do, your feelings about it or how it changes from one year to other. You can also create a new tradition and document it. Photo ideas for this prompt:

  • Making cookies. That’s a classic. Capture the ingredients, the finished cookies, the mess when decorating them. Your family eating them with a cup of hot chocolate…
  • Advent calendar. A photo of your calendar; you crafting it, if so; your kids opening the chosen day…
  • Attending a Christmas concert. We go every year to the Magic Kings concert, which is a classical music concert designed to children, and I use to write about how I love seeing my daughter enjoying classical music or how her reactions change from one year to other.
  • Going to a specific place. We go all January 1st to the beach to take breakfast and have a walk (I’ve to say here that I document Christmas until January 6th, that is the Spanish day for children having Christmas presents form the Magic Kings).

Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs
More photo ideas

And now, I’m going to give you several photo ideas to have on mind when you have your camera and what to photograph intentionally for your Christmas projects:

  • White Christmas
  • Calm
  • Fresh air
  • Night
  • At home
  • Something new
  • Gifts
  • Favorite holiday moment
  • Joyful
  • Handmade
  • Christmas Eve

You can find more photo ideas to document your December here.

Thank you so much for joining me for this post! I’ve had so much fun sharing my photos and journaling ideas with you, and I hope I’ve inspired you to document your December in a different way.
Photography ideas for capturing December - Sahin Designs

Hi, I'm Cristina! Spanish scientist living in Paris. Mum of Luz. Crafter. Story-teller; I hope someday, my little girl will find me and our story in the albums I do. Fan of Project Life and mini albums.

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