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September Creative Scrapbook Gallery 2022 - Sahin Designs

School is in session. For those of us with children in our lives, classes have started and new routines are developing. Learning new skills and techniques doesn’t just have to be for our family members though. Maybe you’re itching to try some new crafty things, too. Why not take an online class? You can catch up on challenges in your favorite forum or you could dip your toes into YouTube and learn some new digital scrapping or hybrid techniques.

You might only have a few minutes of downtime during the day or late in the evening, but you can always find bite sized bits of creative inspiration online, like our past Creative Gallery articles on the blog. You can pin images to find later.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Inspiration - Sahin Designs
by Kat Tankersley

Products used by Kat – bits from Golden Days, Witch Please, Day of Thanks, Mon Cheri, Table for Two and Pumpkin Song.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Inspiration - Sahin Designs
by Gaelle Tomé

Products used by Gaelle – the Cozy Nook bundle

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Inspiration - Sahin Designs
by Sarah Rees

Products used by Sarah – the Golden Days collection

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Inspiration - Sahin Designs
by Emma Doan

Products used by Emma – the Blue Skies collection

I consider myself a storyteller first and foremost and am passionate about leaving a legacy in photos and words for future generations. When my children and others look through the many albums on the shelves, I want them to be able to know how I felt, what I was about and just how very much I loved them and my life. It's my way of giving them a peek inside my heart.

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