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The Butterfly Nest Digital Scrapbook Memberships | May Recap

The Butterfly Nest, Digital Scrapbook Store Subscriptions | Sahin Designs

Why to choose store memberships over buying individual digital scrapbook products? What is the Butterfly Nest? How it works? Probably you heard me talking about The Butterfly Nest for a lot of times but do you know what it is really?
I created The Butterfly Nest memberships over a year ago and the logic behind it was to help memory keepers find what they are looking for;

  • a huge collection of digital scrapbook library where they can browse and download whatever they want, whatever they need
  • and make this available just for a couple of bucks.

But why am I doing this? Why do I almost give away what I have created so long? Because beside being a designer, I am also a memory keeper. I more than love turning my everyday photographs into beautiful albums and while I am creating timeless memories I want to have a lot of supplies to choose from, a great variety of themes and colors… As a designer I have such digital scrapbook stash. But I know you might not have this opportunity. And I want you to have this comfort as well without depriving your budget!
The Butterfly Nest is all about this. You buy a membership, come to Sahin Designs store whenever you want, login, add the items to your cart and checkout just you normally do in a regular store but with a slight difference; you pay nothing at the checkout because you already have a membership!
Now I want you to think how much you spent on digital scrapbook supplies last month. And also think how many kits you bought for that money. Now let’s imagine what you might get with that money on Sahin Designs store if you has a Butterfly Nest membership… More than 300 products! Yes, you heard me right! At the moment there are more than three hundred digital scrapbook supplies in the store and these numbers go up regularly every month! And the supplies I have in my store is not just for memory keepers but also for designers like myself. I design Photoshop tools, design resources, patterns, textures alongside with ready to be used embellishments, papers, pocket cards, finished album pages, full alphas, digital stamps and so on. It’s a one-stop shop for everyone!

I joined the Butterfly Nest because there were some Sahin Design kits that I had been really wanting for a long time (a year in some cases). I joined as a Daily Scrapper. I picked this level because I would have access to all of Sahin Designs’ personal use kits, not just the new releases, this way I was able to get those kits I had been admiring for so long. I love that as new personal use kits are released I can just log into the shop and download it with my subscription – when I am logged in all the prices for personal use kits are $0 and it is so simple and easy to see just what my subscription covers (I was worried about how simple and easy it would really be). Being able to cancel at anytime was also something that was appealing to me – no commitment for a set period of time (though after thinking about it I just paid for a whole year all at once ^^). Papers, journal cards, templates, alphas and even entire pre made albums all from Sahin Designs and at my fingertips. If you love Sahin Designs and you aren’t a member of the Butterfly Nest then I highly recommend that you join, yesterday – I know that isn’t possible but really what are you waiting for?

— Kaleena Farmer

Throughout the first year of the Butterfly Nest I had a hundred members joining from all over the world including the United States, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Australia, Spain, Uruguay, Belgium, United Kingdom and so on… And I am so glad that they chose to share the dream! You can also get this privilege as well by just clicking this link and sign up.

Join the Club

To give you an idea of what’s coming to the store newly and on a regular basis let’s take a look at what the Nest Members had in their cart in the month of May.

Now it’s your turn! You can either choose to continue to waste your money on bits and pieces of scrapbook kits or you can choose to join the Nest today and start saving!
You are thinking about buying a membership but have some questions? Send me your questions via this form or comment below. I am just a click away!

Elif Sahin

Hi there! I’m a graphic designer, memory keeper, and fond of simplicity. I love producing quality supplies that’ll make scrapbooking process easy and fun for you.