How to use Felt & Stitch Photoshop Actions | Sahin Designs | CU Digital Scrapbook

How to use Felt & Stitch Photoshop Actions | Sahin Designs | CU Digital Scrapbook

Another Photoshop action set has taken it’s place in my store today; Felt & Stitch actions. As we are so close to December, I believe these actions will come in handy to create the cutest felt illustrations for Christmas whether you make them for yourself or for your clients. I had so much fun putting together these actions. I hope you will love them too! They are so easy to use, almost with one click you can have a felt design and with another click you can stitch it. I also prepared a tutorial video for these specific actions. Below you can watch it and get a better sense of how to use them. Have fun!

Hi there! I’m a graphic designer, memory keeper, and fond of simplicity. I love producing quality supplies that’ll make scrapbooking process easy and fun for you.

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  1. Elif I love you! You are a genius!!!! Your felt actions and felt stitching actions are a dream come true. The whole set works so beautifully, and your tutorial was fantastic, especially the tips about shadowing and making freehand paths for the stitching. I wish I had your brilliant mind for figuring this stuff out in Photoshop, and since I don’t, I am so grateful I have you in my life. Thank you so much for sharing with us so generously all the cool stuff you figure out how to make and how to automate.

    The Plaid Actions tutorial video came up right after this one on YouTube so I watched that as well. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems equally genius. I just spent aaaaaages making a twill plaid by hand. Next time I’ll know to pull out your Plaid Action as a secret weapon 😉

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Violet! I am glad to hear that you like the action. Definitely give a shot to Plaid action as well, totally time saver especially for the diagonal plaids!

  2. Is it possible for you to make a PDF or text or Word document with each of the written steps like you have written out in the video, that we could download?
    It would be much easier to follow for “later” uses of the action. The video is great to show the different steps, but I don’t necessarily want to play a video every time (if I forget inbetween uses) and especially when I am running the PS program on my computer.
    The video is great for first time preview, but written steps would be perfect for later uses.

    Thanks for considering this!

    1. Nancy, yes it’s possible to make a PDF tutorial for the action. Though, it may take a while for me to release.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. HI, Elif. I just downloaded your felt action from Pixel Scrapper but cannot get it to work in PSE 11 even after watching the tutorial video. When I run the action messages saying each step is unavailable. The only step that works is the color fill. I suspect it is an error in the way I loaded the action but I followed the instructions included in the kit. Should all parts have been included in the action folder? or each into its on folder,i.e. brushes in the brush folder, styles in the style folder?

    Thank you. I appreciate any help you can give me.

    1. Harriet, you should upload each of the files to it’s correct folder. In PSE11 you should be able to do this within the software. Actions should be in Actions Preset Folder, brushes in Brushes Preset Folder and styles in Styles(or Effects) preset folder etc. You can easily install the files by clicking the corresponding menu icon (three lines on the top right) of each panel and choose load actions (or styles/brushes etc). In case one of these files is not in the correct folder you will not be able to run the actions. For more detailed instructions please refer to Installation Guide PDF included in the product. If you continue encountering the same issue please let me know.
      Elif Sahin

    2. Hi Elif,
      I installed my correctly and it gives me the same messages when I select an object and click your felt action. When I try to use the styles, the fuzz is black around the object, no matter what color I choose. The tutorial doesn’t help a PSE user, because we are not prompted to change color and then select the action/effect etc. within that software. HELP!

    3. Ok I checked again and installed the action in the preset action folder. It will not recognize your files within the action within PSE 11 once I have them installed and proceed to use the action. 🙁

    4. It’s not that PSE doesn’t recognize the files, as I said there is a step in the action which is not available in the PSE. Once the action gets there, it simply cannot go further as the previous step is not completed. So either it skips that step and gives you a weird looking design or it just stops. I will have a fix for this, hopefully soon!

    5. Hello Alli,
      Indeed action is mostly build for the Photoshop users. It uses a step that is available to the latest versions of PS. I will have an update for it soon to make it workable for old version Photoshop users and as well as for PSE users. Then you will also be prompted to choose a color etc. Thank you for your insight and for your patience!

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